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Angel Sightings
May 12, 2008

Angel Locator: Stephanie Casey

California Nurse Opens Doors For Nurses Around the World

Peggy Diller, interim chief nursing officer at Kaiser Permanente Mediical Center in Santa Clarita, CA, has spent the past several years traveling to Kenya and China, giving talks on healthcare education and urging health care providers to take on leadership roles in their communities. In addition, she spends a great deal of time explaining how simple practices can lead to reduced transmission of diseases that affect millions in these countries.

Read the complete story by Janet Wells for - May 5


New Missions System International Organizes Cyclone Relief Efforts

Victims of cyclone in Myanmar
Victims of cyclone in Myanmar

Fort Myers-based nonprofit New Missions Systems International (NMSI) is organizing relief efforts for people critically affected by the cyclone that devastated Myanmar in Southeast Asia earlier this week. The organization is in desperate need of donations.

NMSI, which trains and organizes relief workers throughout the world, has multiple aid teams already in place in the city of Yangon in Myanmar (formerly Burma), including an American couple that arrived just a few weeks ago. NMSI missionaries in Myanmar have already begun preparations to provide aid, but they need funds to purchase basic supplies such as medicine, water and food.

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