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Angel Sightings
June 9, 2008

Angel Locator: Stephanie Casey

Physician travels to treat bomb injuries in Yemen

Doctors from Bundeena do not typically treat land mine injuries, bullet wounds and burns sustained during combat operations. However, such casualties were common for Kevin Baker during his recent five-week posting in Yemen with the humanitarian aid organisation Medecins Sans Frontieres. Dr Baker worked at a small hospital between two conflicting sides of a civil war. "Late last year Medecins Sans Frontieres established a hospital in Haydan, which sits between the two armed groups of the region the government army and rebel alliance called the Al-Houthi," Dr Baker said. "Although it was a precarious site for a hospital, it allowed access for the population and opposing armed groups to medical and surgical care."

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Durham Doctor Brings Expertise, Medicines to Guyana

For almost 40 years, Dr. Roy Roswell has been traveling to Guana with companions ranging from his wife to his church group. Since 1970, they have introduced mobile clinics where thousands of Guyanese patients have been examined and treated, have set up immunization, multivitamin and mosquito net programs, and helped establish medical infrastructure.

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