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August 15, 2008

MYANMAR: Pregnant women a priority for health services

Khim Mar Tun is one of 30,000 pregnant women in the Delta today
Khim Mar Tun is one of 30,000 pregnant women in the Delta today

Khim Mar Tun almost died when Cyclone Nargis devastated her village in May. "Our whole village was swept away," the 28-year-old told IRIN. "Of the eight people in my family, four died. All of them were washed away." Six months pregnant and barely able to stay afloat, she spent nearly four hours in the water that swept away her home before being rescued.

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Gasoline prices take toll on dental van program

Dental vans have been hit by a double whammy. Jolted by the increase in the price of a gallon of gasoline and the rise in demand for free dental care, the Pacific Northwest Mobile Dental Van program is maxed out, said Barbara Agnew, Medical Teams International public relations manager.

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Fort Worth dentist wins humanitarian award

Dr. Otice Helmer has spent 38 years making his patients smile. But when he sees someone from a Third World country finally get dental care, it puts a smile on his face. "When you give someone a mirror and let them see they have teeth again, it is a very rewarding thing," Helmer said.

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