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Angel Sightings
September 19, 2008


Local nurse received humanitarian award for aid to Rwanda

All around us are people who inspire us just by the way they work and walk in the world. These are not the larger-than-life, charismatic leaders we see in the media. These people are the ones who inspire us by their convictions, the hours of unpaid volunteer efforts that make countless lives easier. These are the quiet people standing under the cracks in our government systems who do their best to catch the people falling through them. These are the people who inspire the rest of us to give a bit more and strengthen us by their presence no matter where they work in the world. . . .

"In Rwanda," says Connell, "I was working at a health institute teaching nursing students. It was my first time overseas and I was with two other Canadians. I worked in two different hospitals gaining experience in internal medicine, and working in maternity with midwives. And then I volunteered at an orphanage as well. I turned 22 the summer I was there. It was a good time in my life for me to go, it was really eye-opening in every way: from they way people lived, what the priorities are, how people deal with death. The country has seen so much death and they deal with it very differently. I was working on a ward where about 80 per cent of the women were HIV positive."

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Cleft Center blessed

HOPE Volunteers Foundation is strengthening its partnerships with different organizations in the country and abroad by pursuing its goal to improve the quality of life of children with cleft lip and palate through their services in assisting them and their families.

During the blessing of its renovated Cleft Center yesterday, HOPE trustee Edith Villanueva said the foundation has instituted partnership with Local Government Units and hospitals in Negros Occidental.

Villanueva said that more than the physical repair of the lip and the palate, they hope to assist the cleft children in dealing with the psychosocial impact of their condition.

Read the complete story by NIDA BUENAFE for the Visayan Daily Star (Negroes Occidental, Philippines


Hospital ship ends its mission of mercy

The crew of the Navy hospital ship Mercy drilled teeth, repaired cleft palates and built a wastewater treatment center during four months sailing around the western Pacific.

The ship's 2008 Pacific Partnership mission officially ended yesterday as the ship docked in Hawai'i for a brief R&R.

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