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Angel Sightings
October 30, 2008


Little job from God sends doctor to Malawi

Dr. Chris Brooks treats poorest in African nation

When you first hear Dr. Chris Brooks' story, it's easy to consider him a modern-day humanitarian hero. A decade ago, Brooks gave up his successful medical practice and a comfortable life in Calgary to treat and heal countless throngs in Malawi, one of Africa's poorest countries. But for Brooks, president and founder of Lifeline Malawi, it was all about keeping a promise he made years ago.

"When I was 15 and attending a Bible school back in England, I promised God that I would become a medical doctor in Africa," Brooks says.

"When I hit my mid-fifties, I came to this hard realization that I hadn't done what I promised God that I'd do." After hearing a missionary speak about the plight of Malawi's millions at the church he attended, Brooks knew it was time to take his leap of faith.

Read the complete story by Graeme Morton for the Calgary Herald (Canada)


Oakland prosthetist gives Iraqi teenager reason to laugh again

When Ahmed Ali al-Etabbi's leg was blown off two years ago in Baghdad by a suicide car bomber, it shattered the 14-year-old's dream of playing soccer like his idol, David Beckham.

The first question in Ahmed's mind after doctors amputated his right leg was "Will I be able to play soccer again?" But his mother's first thought was "Thank God he didn't die."

Ahmed's hands and face were covered in blood. Shards of shrapnel tore patches in his flesh. A car bumper severed his right leg. His father was dead along with 300 others.

But with the help of Oakland-based Laurence Orthopedics prosthetist Tony LaFrance, the amputee will be able to walk on two legs again — and maybe even run, kick and score.

Read the complete story by Angela Hart for the Oakland Tribune (California)


Doctor lives life of service

Lanao del Norte, Philippines - A small-town doctor named Sofia Omar has worked continuously to institute a system to direct aid to evacuees in Mindanao. As people fled their homes due to military advances, she worked to treat and immunize more than 2,000 children.

“Our main concern was the children. I deployed my staff to check on the children and we counted more than 2,000 children who needed to be treated and immunized right away. I only have three members in my team, so doing that wasn’t easy,” says Omar.

Read the complete story by Ma. Cecilia Rodriguez for the Philippine Daily Inquirer


MCGHealth doctor travels 2800 miles to save lives

AUGUSTA, Ga. – It's a country with some of the highest cervical cancer rates in the world. One Augusta doctor is on a mission to save woman from this deadly disease.

Dr. Daron Ferris makes the 2,800 mile journey from Augusta to Peru several times a year to fight cervical cancer. He's helped create a permanent clinic in the country that provides free exams to thousands of women.

"Every day I see five to ten women with advanced invasive cancer to the cervix. It's a horrible disease," said Dr. Ferris, founder of CerviCusco.

Read the complete story by Navideh Forghani for the NBC Augusta (Georgia)


Charity warms lives of Romanian orphans

MAGNOLIA — Real estate agent Sondra Eiler has a calling that directly influences the lives of children halfway around the world. Eiler is the founder of Rockin' Romania, a local Christian-based charity organization that has been providing money, food and clothing for Romanian orphanages.

Rockin’ Romania began with women who were hired to rock orphaned babies.

"The babies were put in a crib and left there all day. There was nobody responsible for touching them, so they had detachment disorder," Eiler said.

Read the complete story by Sean Green for the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette


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