A Nurse’s Unwavering Commitment Amidst Violence in Chiapas

Cecilia Gálvez

Cecilia Gálvez, a nurse supervisor with Compañeros En Salud (Partners In Health in Mexico), has been working tirelessly to support her community in Chiapas since 2014. Growing up in Salvador Urbina, Gálvez witnessed the challenges her family and friends faced in accessing healthcare due to the remoteness of the area and the cost of transportation. Determined to make a difference, she pursued a nursing career, working as a community health worker and clinic assistant while attending nursing school on weekends.

However, in 2024, Gálvez and her colleagues face unprecedented challenges as organized crime activity and instability have escalated in Chiapas, one of the poorest states in Mexico. Despite fear and uncertainty, Gálvez remains committed to serving her patients and community, refusing to abandon them in their time of need.

“It has been difficult to work under this situation of insecurity because it is discouraging,” Gálvez said in an interview with Partners In Health. “You can no longer work safely, knowing that at any moment your life could be taken away from you.”

Gálvez’s unwavering dedication to improving access to healthcare services and encouraging healthy habits among her patients serves as an inspiration during these trying times. She continues to prioritize self-care and relies on the support of her family and friends to navigate the stress caused by the ongoing violence and instability in Chiapas.

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Nurse Cecilia Gálvez Roblero knew she wanted to be a nurse since she was 4 years old. In honor of Nurses Week, she shares why she’s dreamed of working in her small community of Salvador Urbina, one of 10 communities served by Compañeros En Salud, as PIH is known in Mexico.

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