Dr. James Lehmann: Championing Sight-Saving Missions at Home and Abroad

Dr. James Lehmann

Dr. James Lehmann, a dedicated ophthalmologist from San Antonio, Texas, has been making a significant impact on eye health both locally and globally. As a longtime Orbis volunteer faculty member, he has shared his expertise on numerous sight-saving projects, including training local eye doctors in advanced cataract removal techniques in Trujillo, Peru, in 2023.

Dr. Lehmann’s took his first trip on Orbis’ Flying Eye Hospital to Xinjiang, China in 2005. He has since contributed to dozens of trips and projects for the organization. His commitment to enhancing the skills of eye care teams extends beyond his in-person missions, as he continues to provide education through webinars and live consultations via telemedicine.

Recognizing the ripple effect of vision impairment on families, communities, and economies, Dr. Lehmann also addresses the unmet need for eye care in his own community. With an estimated 75,000 San Antonians living with vision disability, he emphasizes the importance of public awareness, regular eye exams, and expanded access to appropriate clinical care.

Dr. Lehmann in Peru, 2015.

Through his private practice and volunteer work with I CARE San Antonio, Dr. Lehmann performs monthly free cataract surgeries, making a profound difference in people’s lives. Through partnerships with organizations like Orbis, Sightlife (now joined with HCP Cureblindness), and the Episcopal Church, Dr. Lehmann has traveled to China, Peru, Myanmar, India, and Jerusalem to teach and perform cataract and corneal surgeries.

“No person should live with vision impairment that could be avoided or treated, and every person with chronic vision impairment should have access to health services that minimize the impact of vision loss on their overall health and quality of life,” he wrote in an op-ed for the San Antonio Express-News.

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