From Empty Buckets to Filled Hearts: One Man’s Mission to Deliver Healthcare Globally and Locally

Ron Post at a refugee camp in Thailand, 1979. (Source: MTI)

Ron Post, a Dallas businessman, witnessed the horrors of the Cambodian genocide through news footage 45 years ago. The image of an emaciated teenage girl resonated deeply, prompting him to take action. With no medical background but unwavering faith, Post established Medical Teams International (MTI) within two weeks.

Starting with a single mission to Thailand, MTI has grown into a global organization serving millions. It provides essential healthcare services at eight refugee camps, runs 13 mobile dental clinics reaching 25,000 people annually, and delivers essential care through partnerships in the Pacific Northwest. Post, who retired in 1997, makes it clear that his commitment extended beyond fundraising and leadership; he remains an active advocate, inspiring generations of staff and volunteers.

Ron Post

One particularly impactful experience in Ethiopia solidified Post’s dedication. Witnessing a woman die with an empty bucket for food ignited a passion to fill the countless “empty buckets” around the world. This translated into MTI’s mobile clinics, offering free care to underserved communities in Oregon and Washington. The program caters to diverse populations, including seniors, veterans, and farmworkers, bridging the gap between immediate needs and long-term healthcare access through partnerships like Care & Connect.

From a single spark of compassion, Ron Post built a legacy of healing, demonstrating that even amidst immense suffering, individual action can create lasting impact on a global and local scale.

Read the full article by Sydney Wyatt in the Statesman Journal: How a Dallas man helped millions receive essential health care, published February 11, 2024.

Watch this video from MTI celebrating 40 years of its work:

Celebrating 40 Years of Love in Action

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