Vitamin Angels Advances Its Mission to End Malnutrition

(source: Vitamin Angels)

As the United States’ maternal health crisis continued during 2023, Vitamin Angels focused its efforts on expanding its US programs, increasing its reach by 25% over the last five years and providing thousands of underserved pregnant women in the US with the prenatal vitamins and minerals they need to support a healthy pregnancy.

Additionally, the organization strengthened healthcare systems globally and expanded its package of nutrition solutions, piloting research and programs focused on breastfeeding and complementary feeding support. By the end of 2023, Vitamin Angels reached over 71 million nutritionally vulnerable pregnant women, infants, and young children with proven nutrition solutions in every state in the US and in about 65 countries around the world.

Howard Schiffer

“We made incredible progress this past year towards our mission to improve maternal and child nutrition worldwide,” said Howard Schiffer, Vitamin Angels Founder and President. “By expanding our package of nutrition solutions, working with national governments across the world, and increasing our US reach, we are that much closer to ending malnutrition and ensuring everyone, everywhere has an equal chance at a healthy future.”

Currently, there are more than 1 million underserved pregnant women in the US who do not have access to essential healthcare. In an effort to address this need, Vitamin Angels plans to reach 50% of underserved pregnant women in the US with prenatal vitamins and minerals by the end of 2024.

Additionally, the expansion of its package of nutrition solutions to include breastfeeding and complementary feeding allows the organization to offer more comprehensive solutions and further deepen its impact on the women and children it serves.

Other Highlights from 2023

Advanced National MMS Policy in Indonesia

Vitamin Angels worked with partners to provide technical assistance, raise awareness, and build consensus around a national MMS (multiple micronutrient supplementation, also known as prenatal vitamins and minerals) policy for pregnant women. Its efforts supported local partners in Indonesia to improve the quality of pre- and postnatal care, improve gender equity, and increase access to maternal health services.

Corporate Partner Impact Achievements

Walgreens and Vitamin Angels celebrated 10 years of partnership and reached over 400 million women and children around the world with essential nutrients. They also expanded their prenatal pilot program to 12 additional markets and over 400 Walgreens stores across the United States.

Bayer reached a milestone of impacting over 13 million pregnant women and their babies worldwide with prenatal vitamins and minerals and was an educational grant provider for Vitamin Angels’ new global education initiative, Nutrition in Pregnancy.

Other corporate partners who achieved impressive milestones included The Vitamin Shoppe who reached 68 million underserved women and children and SmartyPants who reached 30 million women and children in need.

In 2024, Vitamin Angels will continue to pursue its goal of reaching 140 million women and children annually by further expanding their programs worldwide and continuing to deepen their delivery and package of evidence-based nutrition solutions.

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